You could say BinjaiTree has “grown on me” over the years, as it represents my lifetime of thoughts about charity.

As a registered charity, BinjaiTree is an entity that provides a structure for my family and my associates, and for many others – individuals and organizations with like-minded passion – to engage and do the work to give something back to the community that in turns sustains it.

It is my heartfelt wish to see BinjaiTree not merely realize its mission, but to do so in such ways that the people and the projects it supports flourish and remarkable things come to pass.  

Hsieh Fu Hua, Founder


BinjaiTree is a Singapore-based philanthropic organisation that serves and engages with local charities and social enterprises. Our role is to work with the community in bringing sustained contributions. We focus primarily on the improvement of mental health, development of the arts and social services.



With good people you can solve many things, that’s the story of Singapore. At BinjaiTree, we adopt this philosophy.

Our team is committed to initiating change. Given our various strengths, we draw upon our expertise and networking capabilities to support our grantees.

The way we operate comes from the rigours of a background in business. This discipline strengthens our work, and allows us to be creative and adaptable in ever-changing circumstances. 


Chia Lin
Nicholas Lee
Tina Hung


Trees represent a sense of growth and enduring abundance. The name, BinjaiTree, reflects our dedication to be deeply rooted within the community for time to come.

When naming our organisation, founder Hsieh Fu Hua took inspiration from the Binjai, a large tree of the mango family that can grow up to 30m in height, and is found mainly in Southeast Asia. 



BinjaiTree’s mission is to serve the community in two ways; direct grant giving and providing support for our grantees.

For grant giving, we have instituted a robust grant making process. This allows us to choose the issues we champion, and the groups we extend our aid to. We want our resources not only to support and nourish at a given point in time, but that it also serves well for the future.

In providing support for our grantees, our expertise lies in giving strategic advice and creating effective partnerships. This enables us to contribute better, particularly in coming up with solutions and executing ideas.

BinjaiTree’s goal is to provide our various grantees these benefits, so that they may further their aims and achieve even greater good for their beneficiaries.



  • Bring sustained contributions to the community.
  • Build respect and nurture trust with our partners, beneficiaries and grantees.
  • Advance the goals of our beneficiaries and grantees.
  • Apply our resources and capabilities well.
  • Practise good governance.


Improvement of Mental Health

Our ambition is for mental health issues to be recognised, supported and accepted in today’s society. BinjaiTree works closely with organisations that advocate and aid people with mental illness.

  • Caregivers Alliance Limited
  • Resilience Collective
  • Caregiver's Association of the Mentally Ill
  • Institute of Mental Health
  • National Council of Social Services
  • Singapore Anglican Community Services
  • Singapore Association of Mental Health



Development of the Arts

At BinjaiTree, we value how the arts allow people to express themselves, be curious and open to
possibilities. We endorse organisations that develop various platforms for artists to showcase their

  • ArtsWok Collaborative
  • Intercultural Theatre Institute
  • National Gallery Singapore
  • OH! Open House
  • Teng Ensemble

Social Services

Our belief is that community life matters greatly. BinjaiTree supports a diverse number of outreach programmes that improve the lives and welfare of others. 

  • Caring For Life
  • Shared Services for Charities
  • Tri-Sector Associates
  • Assisi Hospice
  • Healthserve
  • Trybe


  • LaSalle College of the Arts
  • National University of Singapore
  • Singapore University of Social Services

Founded by BinjaiTree

Caring for Lifebinjaitreebinjaitree

How you can be involved

BinjaiTree welcomes people who share a passion and an interest aligning with our three areas of focus: improvement of mental health, development of the arts, and social services.

If you’re interested in either helping out or knowing more, feel free to reach us at enquiries@binjaitree.org.







Please fill in the enquiry form below and we will respond to your queries as soon as possible.



20 Collyer Quay, #11-07
Singapore 049319


Special Thanks  Mr Milenko Prvacki